Real time reports and chat history

We have added a new feature for admins and moderators. When an user reports another user’s behaviour, the moderator (or admin) online user get an alert in real time.

Get info and history in real time

The alert info about an user is sent to him directly on chat as a new popup. He can also retrieve immediately all history chat about the user who has been reported. Once the report checked, he can easily take a ban action on the abuser if the report data are confirmed.

This is an automatic feature : no needs to enable any extra features in the chat admin panel.

upload image

Upload image directly to chat

You can upload images into the chat and now even using quick upload images thanks to the new resize on click size feature.

The uploaded image is inserted into the chat input text as a thumb and you can send it to the chat.

Now you can upload the image directly to the chat without inserting the thumb in the input text : you ahve added a new field uploadImageSendDirect in the config.

Once checked, the image you upload goes directly to the chat. This is very useful for mobile chat.


Fast image uploading

We have added a new feature: fast image uploading. This feature is based on the client size resizing.

The normal process of uploading images is the following:

  • chatter chooses an image
  • this image is uploaded to server
  • this image is resized
  • the resized image is sent back to chat

As you see, if you choose a huge image (50 megas for instance), uploading process can take time since you need to upload 50 megas. This can be a real pain with mobile phones.

We have introduced the resizing on client side before uploading to server.

So now the process is:

  • chatter chooses an image
  • this image is resized
  • this resized image is uploaded to server
  • the resized image is sent back to chat

As you can see, the process is much quicker. Besides it allows to upload big size photos since they will be resized before.

Now the caveat of this method is that the final image has JPEG format only. So you upload an animated GIF, you will get a static JPEG picture


utf8mb4 encoding for emojis storage

We changed our encoding system form UTF-8 to UTF8mb4. This little change will allow you to use emojis

πŸ˜€ πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜„ 😁 πŸ˜† πŸ˜… πŸ˜‚ 🀣 πŸ₯² ☺️ 😊 πŸ˜‡ πŸ™‚ πŸ™ƒ πŸ˜‰ 😌 😍 πŸ₯° 😘 πŸ˜— πŸ˜™ 😚 πŸ˜‹ πŸ˜› 😝 😜 πŸ€ͺ 🀨 🧐 πŸ€“ 😎 πŸ₯Έ 🀩 πŸ₯³ 😏 πŸ˜’ 😞 πŸ˜” 😟 πŸ˜• πŸ™ ☹️ 😣 πŸ˜– 😫 😩 πŸ₯Ί 😒 😭 😀 😠 😑 🀬…

inside your chat configs such as messages, room descriptions, news etc..


How to alternate news in the chat ?

News allows you to display special infos in your chat. You can set news at certain date/time, you can set the interval and associate a news to a room.

But you could not alternante news: imagine that scenario. You have 3 news whose content is “Here is news 1”, “Here is news 2 “, “Here is news 3” and you would like to display randomly one of these 3 news every 3 minutes.

The solution is to create 1 singe “big” news and separate the news with the character |

In our case the content of the news would be:

Here is news 1|Here is news 2|Here is news 3

That way the chat will pick up randomly one part (separated by | ) and display it into the chat.


Forbidden words in private chats

We added a new feature today: you can filter differently forbidden words in public and private chats.

For instance, you can forbid rude words usage in public chat and allow rude words in public chat.

You can still put actions when forbidden word is found: ‘nothing’,’hide’,’kick’,’ban12hours’,’ban24hours’

You can find this new feature in your chat admin panel, under “forbidden words”


Filter junk mail

We have added a new security tool when user registers to chat:

We prevent spammers to register: disposable/junk mails addresses are now forbidden to register.

A disposable mail is a kind of public mail whose role is used to confirm an user. One of the best known disposable mail provider is yopmail. Our list contains more than 3200 junk mail providers.

This option is automatic: there is nothing to be activated on your chat admin panel.