How should broadcast behave ?

New broadcast features

You can now decide how the broadcast behaves. The broadcast feature allows to chatter to broadcast his webcam stream to all users.

You can enable the broadcast feature per gender (gender panel) or per roles (roles panel)

Th default behaviour when an user was broadcasting his stream was to open automatically his webcam for all connected users.

You can now choose between 3 different behaviours

  1. opens: this is the default behaviour and as described above, it opens webcam panel for all connected users
  2. chat warn: you will receive the notification that an user streams his webcam inside the chat panel
  3. notification warn: you will receive the notification that an user streams his webcam inside a small popup

You can also specify the JS function to be called when broadcasts starts and ends:

jsCallBackStartBroadcast: function name to be called when broadcast starts

jsCallBackStopBroadcast: function name to be called when broadcast ends


New feature: add you RSS as ticker marquee

RSS news as Marquee

It is now possible to add RSS news:

Go to your chatadmin and you find RSS panel into your news management section.



You RSS needs to be standard formatted. That means it needs to have these XML tags inside:


You can also assign if your RSS feed will be only for one room or for all rooms.

The rss feed content will scroll just above your input text chat.


Black screen webcam issue ?

How to check the black cams connectivity ?

Many of html5-chat users do complain about “black” webcams.

Problem is that this issue can have multiple causes:

  • server streaming problem
  • streamer do not stream his webcam or stream an no existing webcam
  • streamer uses a no webrtc browser (ex: a Samsung browser)
  • streamer does not have enough bandwidth to stream his webcam
  • player does not have enough bandwidth to watch the stream
  • player uses a no webrtc browser
  • network router or firewall problem that do not allow the stream to be broadcasted or played

There is a simple way to determine what’s wrong: start your own webcam then double click on it, you should see your OWN webcam playing.

If you see your own webcam, then everything is fine. If you cannot see it, then obviously there is a problem and you can open a support ticket.



new feature: video and audio messages

Recording audio and video

We just added new audio recording feature.

The recording video feature was already present, but it was hard to find. We added snapshots messages directly into the main toolbar

So it is easy to access.

You have now choice to record either video messages (video + audio) either audio only. Recording audio and video is limited to 30 seconds.


New help support system

New html5 chat help system

For better support and help request, we have add a new button “Support” available in your chatadmin panel

supportThis button will open a new support area.

That way, we will get a better thread view of your problems with a whole history and we will stop asking you for your webmasterid account

Hope that will be useful for you.

This help system is still in BETA version.





New Feature: call 1to1 between 2 users

call1to1A new exciting feature is now available: call1to1 between 2 users.

You must enable that feature in you chat admin, in roles menu.

Then an user can request a 1to1 exclusive call by clicking another user’s icon or user item.

If accepted, you will have access to exclusive 1to1 video call, skype like.

When user is in 1to1call, he cannot receive other 1to1 call: his status is set to busy, until he call finishes.

To accept a call, both parties must have their webcam on.

The call1to1 is available in user’s menu



new feature: send video snapshot messages

Video snapshots

New feature: you can now take short videos and upload them as pictures.

You need to enable in roles in your chatadmin the property called “canSnapshot”.

Once enabled, you will be able to upload snapshots. Click on snapshot icon.
Of course you need to enable webcam to access that feature.

Once opened, snapshot modal window allows you to record a quick sequence of video,
30 seconds max.When sequence is recorded, you can replay it, close it or upload it to publish it.

Once uploaded, you can play it back.






timeoutOffline and timeoutLogout

New features to handle chat idles.

timeoutOffline :

You can now set the status of an user as offline after N seconds of inactivity (idle) in your chatadmin config  : timeoutOffline (put 0 if you don’t need that feature)

If user leaves the inactivity, he retries his former status.



You can also disconnect an user after N seconds of inactivity in your chatadmin config: timeoutLogout (put 0 if you don’t need that feature)

Where to find that option ?

in : chatadmin / config / users management


Chat Contest feature

New feature : Chat contest

Roles can now enter a chat contest. A contest is simply when a chatter votes for another chatter.

A chatter can only vote once for another chat. He awards him 1 point.

You can enable a contest in the “roles” chat admin and reset the votes in your chatadmin panel as well.

When a vote is sent, a notification is sent to both users.

In your chatadmin, you also have the TOP 10 votes.