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Chat templates

Since html5-chat is growing and has new extra features every day, it becomes difficult to understand and have a global view of all features and options he offers: in order to simplify the usage of the chat, we decided to create ready to go chat templates

What are chat templates ?

Templates are ready to go configurations of the chat so you can quickly start with a ready to go chat feature. This allows you to avoid to configure the chat to make the chat work for you

What are the chat templates available ?

For now we have 3 ready to go templates:

  1. tabAndWindow:
    This is a classical multi users chat where new private chats are in separated tabs and where webcams open in drag-gable windows
  2. roulette
    This is a chat roulette mode. It picks up randomly an available user and plays his webcam. It is based on the chatroulette concept
  3. Shoutbox:
    A simple text only chat. It is based on the concept of shoutbox where people can quickly writes text messages.

Where to set up a chat template ?

You have to login into your chatadmin as usual and choose the right template. Be careful: This action will overwrite all configuration of your actual chat. This can also be a good way to reset or restore a messed configuration chat and start with a clean configuration.

New templates will be added continuously.

Html5chat for phpBB: Extension HTML5 Chat

You can now easily integrate your html5 chat into phpBB. Here are the steps:


You can download the phpBB html5 extension form here


phpBB 3.2.6-RC1+ PHP 7+


Adds some preliminary data and a header link to a custom page.

Quick Install

You can install this on the latest release of phpBB 3.2 by following the steps below:

  • Create toxyy/html5chat in the ext directory.
  • Download and unpack the repository into ext/toxyy/html5chat
  • Enable HTML5 Chat in the ACP at Customise -> Manage extensions.


  • Disable HTML5 Chat in the ACP at Customise -> Extension Management -> Extensions.
  • To permanently uninstall, click Delete Data. Optionally delete the /ext/toxyy/html5chat directory.



How to add a web radio to your chat ?

What is a web radio ?

A web radio (also called internet radio), is a streaming service that allows you to broadcast your own radio through the web. Now days, it is very easy to start a free web radio over the web.

One of the most popular software to start a web radio is shoutcast

How to add it to your html5 chat ?

Once you have created your own radio, you will probably get an http links such as: http://mywebsite.com:8040/stream

Just copy and paste that link into your config panel, under webradio input text. A small audio player should then appear at the bottom of the chat.

audio radio player in the bottom of the chat

Generate screen shot of url in the chat

What is a screenshot preview ?

New feature: when sending an URL, it is now possible to generate a screenshot of the url : it means a picture of the url so users can preview the url before they decide to enter it.

This feature is only available for paid members of the chat.

How to activate it ?

You just need to go to your chatadmin panel and it will be present in the config panel.

How does it work ?

You just the screenshotUrl option and next time you will send an url, the chat will generate a screenshot of that url.

So when an user clicks on an url, he will get a modal popup before that previews the site, before he navigates to that url

Better chat news management

We have improved the news management system. You can set the time of the day when the news will be displayed.

news 1: between 12:30pm and 14:30pm
news 2: between 16:30pm and 18:30pm

You can also setup the frequency in minutes of each news
ex : news 1 will be displayed every 5 minutes.

Modal important news

For important news, you can also set up a modal news that will be displayed in a modal window when you enter the chat. This news will be displayed only once (ex: to announce an important event)

be displayed in a modal window when you enter the chat. This news will be displayed only once (ex: to announce an important event)

You can find these features as usually in your chatadmin panel

Better news announcement in chat

Live typing chat feature

What is live typing ?

Live typing allows you to read users messages before they send them to the chat. You can “spy” about what they do live type in.

Who should use it ?

Live typing should be used by admins and moderators so they can react before the message has been sent to users. They would be able to block (kick or ban) instltant messages before they have been posted to all membres.

How to enable live typing ?

Live typing can be activated in roles. Notice that user and guest roles cannot have that feature enabled. It should be used with parsimony and we are plenty conscious that this feature can privacy have drawbacks.

Once enabled, when an user is typing something, the live typing appears into a speech bubble next to his username in the user list on the right.

What kind of site should use that predictive feature?

Probably some fortune telling websites. However more generic chat can also use that feature to better chat moderation.


Invite user to watch my webcam

webcam photo

In chatadmin -> roles, you must check : “Can invite other users to watch his cam

User will be then able to send invitations to other users to watch his webcam.

User will be sent an invitation with 3 choices:

  1. accept: it will open the webcam
  2. deny: it will close the invitation
  3. mute: you will mute that user: this user will not be able to send you requests any more

By default, guest users cannot invite users to watch cam. And of course your webcam must be opened to onvite other users to watch at it !


Joomla update

The html5 Joomla plugin was updated.

It corrects bugs and adds the correct role mapping:

It handles now the default Joomla roles

  • Administrator
  • Author
  • Editor
  • Guest
  • Manager
  • Public
  • Publisher
  • Registered
  • Super Users

You can download it from: https://extensions.joomla.org/extension/html5-chat/

Installation process

  1. In Joomla top menu: Extensions->Manage->Install
  2.  Choose the tab “install from URL” and set the value to  https://html5-chat.com/joomla/html5chat.zip
  3. Go to menu Extensions->plugin and find html5chat (or search for html5chat)
  4. Enable plugin that  html5chat plugin (status check)
  5. click on html5chat plugin. You should then enter the webmasterid and Password
    enableJoomlaYou can get these data when you register the plugin at : https://html5-chat.com/register
  6. Create an article/page that will contain the chat. Inside that page, insert
    [html5chat width=”100%” height=”800px”]

You will now have the html5 chat inside that page article.


Oxwall and html5-chat integration

Official plugin

There is an official html5-chat plugin made by oxwall team (Skalfa LLC)


which does the job.

How to make it full screen ?

This plugin embeds the chat into the 

<div class="owc_content">

and whose size can be too small for the chat. The idea would be to make it full screen (and just keep the header). For that you need to edit some files

in /ow_includes/config.php change the OW_DEV_MODE to false (this allows to empty cache), after the manipulation, you will set it back to true

define('OW_DEV_MODE', true);

in /ow_plugins/html5-chat-com/views/controllers/chat_index.html add these lines after {style}


.ow_content {
    position: absolute;
    top: 69px;
    left: 0;
    bottom: 0;
    right: 0;
    height: 100%!important;

div.ow_footer {

check it: if everything is ok, then set back the OW_DEV_MODE to false

define('OW_DEV_MODE', false);


html5 chat ready for payperview solution

This is now possible to build a payperview solution using html5 chat

ex: expert chat, erotic chat where users do pay per minute spent

For that we created role called “performer“, added new API REST like and added type of chat called “conference






These API will allow to create easily a payperview solution like:


  • you get list of connected online performers
  • you choose a performer to chat with
  • you are in a public chat with performer.
  • You ask for a private chat with performer, if performer accepts, credits are going down

We will provide soon a complete configuration for a full payperview solution.