How to incite a guest user to register ?

There is a new interesting feature in html5 chat to improve your registration rate. You can now disconnect a role from the chat after N seconds and redirect him to an Url

We think of course about the guets role, than will be disconnected from the chat after N m minutes and will be redirected to the registration page.

You can do that now in roles: there are 2 new properties in your chatadmin / roles panel -> Ads and messages tab

disconnectAfterNSeconds : ex: for 3 minutes, set 180 (180 seconds = 3 minutes)

redirectAfterDisconnection (put full http path like:

wall layout

The “Wall” layout

We have added a new layout called “wall“.

This layout allows to add camera in the top of the chat with a wrapping feature: when there is no more space for a cam, the new cam goes to the bottom, creating a “wall”.

This layout allows to watch many cams simultaneously without having to scroll or split views.

The WALL layout.

To change the layout of the chat, simply go to your chatadmin panel and choose the layout panel.

The wall layer can be useful for conferences when you need to watch at all participants at the same time.


Initially sorting users

You can now decide how your users will appear in your user list.
They can initially be sorted by:

  • None : this is the default state: users will appear by history: the latest ones will be appended to the end of the list
  • username : users will be A-Z sorted by their username
  • webcams: those who have webcams will appear at the top of the lits
  • usernames and webcam : webcams first and then by username

You can set the initial sorting in your Chatadmin panel -> config -> Users Management

delete messages

Delete individual message from chat

You can now delete messages in real time directly from the chat

  • delete all messages from an user
  • delete an individual message from an user

Go to roles and check (admin or moderator role for instance)

  • canDeleteMessage: this allow to delete all user’s messages
  • canDeleteIndividualMessage: this allow to delete any message

Also make sure that the role can delete other user’s messages
ex: a moderator should not be able to delete admin’s messages
This can be done with canUserMessagesDeleted

Html5 chat, SVG drawing feature

We added a new tool, called SVG drawing.
You can now easily drawn and append some Vector – SVG – pictures inside the chat. The Drawing tool has most of tools you need such as:

  • Hand writing
  • Curves drawing
  • Lines drawing
  • Shapes (rectangle, circle…)
  • Predefined shapes
  • Text
  • Transformations: scale, rotations
  • Alignements
  • Z-ordering

You need to enable the property called “can Draw” that in roles to add a new button in the chat bar.

HTML5 chat SVG editor.
HTML5 chat SVG editor.

Avatar libraries

You can now choose between 5 libraries for guest users avatars: when a guest user connects, he’s automatically assigned an avatar. However, it is not possible to choose between 6 different avatar libraries

Default avatar

This is an SVG based library. This library differentiates males and females

Default library

Pixel avatar

This is an SVG based library. This library differentiates males and females

pixel library


SVG cool library: no males/females

Avataars library

Griddly avatar

SVG strange library: no males/females

Griddly lib

Botts library

SVG robot like images based library

Botts library

Initials library

SVG library that takes your initial username (google doc like)

Initials lib

You can choose which one of these libraries you want to use inside
/chatadmin/config/ under users management tab


Avatar upload

It is now possible to upload avatar for guest roles.

This is a new feature: guests are not authenticated users: it was impossible to associate an avatar to a no permanent user whose id changes all the time.

Thanks to fingerprinting, we generate now an unique permanent id for guest and avatars are correctly associated to that id.

You can test that new feature on your own chat

Messenger mode

Html5 chat has now a new mode : the “messenger” mode

What is the messenger mode chat like ?

The messenger mode like has these features:

  • it embeds inside an existing website
  • the page is not exclusive to the chat. In fact chats inserts inside the page
  • it is one to one chat only, with exclusive video/audio calls when you can choose users between list of connected users and users who already sent you messages: it works with online and offline users
  • when user or you change the page, all chats are restores. So it is suitable with any websites, including websites that are not Single Application Pages

How to set up the messenger mode on my site ?

Go to chat admin and choose “Messenger mode”

Make sure you add the script to ANY page where you want the script to be present. A good technique is to use a common page to all you site like inside footer.php

<script src=''></script>

Replace webmasterid and token by your webmasterid and your token. You can find that inside your chatadmin panel

How to pass user parameters to the chat ?

If you just use the script like, you user is not identified by the chat: he will need to input his username and will be assigned a random id and random avatar.
If you want to specify an username, id and avatar, you need to pass some extra parameters to the script. Use JWT to encode these parameters and pass them to the chat as shown in this sample:

$json = json_encode(array(
        'id'        =>xxx,
        'username'  =>'yourUsername',
        'password'  =>'password of your html5-chat account',
        'avatar'    =>''
$encoded = file_get_contents("".base64_encode($json));
 <script src='$encoded '></script> 
  • xxx is an unique id user
  • username : is an unique username for user
  • password: is your html5 chat password account
  • avatar is the url of the user avatar

You should test the demo, with 2 browsers.

template chat

Chat templates

Since html5-chat is growing and has new extra features every day, it becomes difficult to understand and have a global view of all features and options he offers: in order to simplify the usage of the chat, we decided to create ready to go chat templates

What are chat templates ?

Templates are ready to go configurations of the chat so you can quickly start with a ready to go chat feature. This allows you to avoid to configure the chat to make the chat work for you

What are the chat templates available ?

For now we have 3 ready to go templates:

  1. tabAndWindow:
    This is a classical multi users chat where new private chats are in separated tabs and where webcams open in drag-gable windows
  2. roulette
    This is a chat roulette mode. It picks up randomly an available user and plays his webcam. It is based on the chatroulette concept
  3. Shoutbox:
    A simple text only chat. It is based on the concept of shoutbox where people can quickly writes text messages.

Where to set up a chat template ?

You have to login into your chatadmin as usual and choose the right template. Be careful: This action will overwrite all configuration of your actual chat. This can also be a good way to reset or restore a messed configuration chat and start with a clean configuration.

New templates will be added continuously.

How to add a web radio to your chat ?

What is a web radio ?

A web radio (also called internet radio), is a streaming service that allows you to broadcast your own radio through the web. Now days, it is very easy to start a free web radio over the web.

One of the most popular software to start a web radio is shoutcast

How to add it to your html5 chat ?

Once you have created your own radio, you will probably get an http links such as:

Just copy and paste that link into your config panel, under webradio input text. A small audio player should then appear at the bottom of the chat.

audio radio player in the bottom of the chat