New webrtc servers : new webrtc technology


New webrtc mediasoup servers technos

We finally dropped 2 webrtc technologies:

Kurento: the CPU usage was too high

Janus: too many “black cams”

and we have chosen mediaSoup which represents an excellent compromise of reliability and compatibility.

This allows us to keep CPU light and be compatible with ALL available browsers:

Chrome, firefox, Safari, IOS and Android.

We do not support Edge because Edge is end game and will be replaced by Chromium in 2019

Notice that for IOS, only Safari 12.2 and above will allow users to stream and watch streams


Push to talk feature

(Updated) feature: Push to Talk

TalkieWe have rewritten the “Push to talk” feature of html5 chat.

The push to talk feature looks like the talkie-walkie system: there can be only one speaker at one time.

When speaker takes the hand, no other people can speak until the first speaker releases the hand. your chatadmin can determine which role can take the hand, how long he can keep the hand and what is the release time he needs to wait until he can speak again : these rules created to prevent abuses.

When a speaker takes the hand, he broadcast his video and audio to all users, in the similar way that the broadcast system.

We also put a checkbox for push to talk feature, so users can check this box to keep the hand (and avoid keep on pressing the mouse which can be finger tiring)

The push to talk buttons are situated on the left bottom part of the chat, near the input text chat.





How to customize all your texts (or translations) ?

How to use your own texts (or translate it the way you want) ?

We just added a new “translation” feature into your /chatadmin panel.

You can now change ANY texts you want, the way you want: so it is easy to add new langage support or change the translations we provide.

(this feature is available only for registered users)

How to proceed ?

  • go to you chatadmin
  • Choose translation tab
  • Enter your OWN text instead of the one we have
  • In case you make some errors, you can still revert back to our translations and start again
    Make sure you don’t mess with specials chars such as “%” : %s is used to be replaced by dynamic content
  • translate

new feature: video and audio messages

Recording audio and video

We just added new audio recording feature.

The recording video feature was already present, but it was hard to find. We added snapshots messages directly into the main toolbar

So it is easy to access.

You have now choice to record either video messages (video + audio) either audio only. Recording audio and video is limited to 30 seconds.


new feature: send video snapshot messages

Video snapshots

New feature: you can now take short videos and upload them as pictures.

You need to enable in roles in your chatadmin the property called “canSnapshot”.

Once enabled, you will be able to upload snapshots. Click on snapshot icon.
Of course you need to enable webcam to access that feature.

Once opened, snapshot modal window allows you to record a quick sequence of video,
30 seconds max.When sequence is recorded, you can replay it, close it or upload it to publish it.

Once uploaded, you can play it back.






timeoutOffline and timeoutLogout

New features to handle chat idles.

timeoutOffline :

You can now set the status of an user as offline after N seconds of inactivity (idle) in your chatadmin config  : timeoutOffline (put 0 if you don’t need that feature)

If user leaves the inactivity, he retries his former status.



You can also disconnect an user after N seconds of inactivity in your chatadmin config: timeoutLogout (put 0 if you don’t need that feature)

Where to find that option ?

in : chatadmin / config / users management


Chat Contest feature

New feature : Chat contest

Roles can now enter a chat contest. A contest is simply when a chatter votes for another chatter.

A chatter can only vote once for another chat. He awards him 1 point.

You can enable a contest in the “roles” chat admin and reset the votes in your chatadmin panel as well.

When a vote is sent, a notification is sent to both users.

In your chatadmin, you also have the TOP 10 votes.

trial version

Message for no registered users

Possible scenario : your website runs a dating site where you can free users (role = guest) and paid users (role = user).

Of course free guest users cannot access all features that a paid user has.

Ex: a guest user cannot request a private chat.

We have 2 ways to solve that:

  1. this feature is hidden to the guest user.
  2. This feature is visible to the guest user, but when he tries to access it, he has a message box that explicitly tells him: “you cannot access that feature”.

The pro of this second solution, is to incite the user to become a paid user on your site.

How to enable this second solution : go to your /chatadmin panel as usually and choose the “trial version chat messages”

If you specify the Url to be rediercted, the user will be redirected to that url, after he shows the message: this url will be probably the “purchase” or “register” page on your website.