Filter junk mail

We have added a new security tool when user registers to chat:

We prevent spammers to register: disposable/junk mails addresses are now forbidden to register.

A disposable mail is a kind of public mail whose role is used to confirm an user. One of the best known disposable mail provider is yopmail. Our list contains more than 3200 junk mail providers.

This option is automatic: there is nothing to be activated on your chat admin panel.

One thought to “Filter junk mail”

  1. i think we should have disposable list / junk mails addresses are now forbidden to register.
    Also you should have choice of activation and deactivation of this tool in the chat admin panel.
    You want to make known that this tool while you are chatting, with users already on webcam and with microphone are disconnected for spammers, so it not only has the function on recording but also affects those who enter the chat and after time the streaming is disconnected to user.
    This happens especially those who use windows11, I have also created ticket to the support.

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