Fast image uploading

We have added a new feature: fast image uploading. This feature is based on the client size resizing.

The normal process of uploading images is the following:

  • chatter chooses an image
  • this image is uploaded to server
  • this image is resized
  • the resized image is sent back to chat

As you see, if you choose a huge image (50 megas for instance), uploading process can take time since you need to upload 50 megas. This can be a real pain with mobile phones.

We have introduced the resizing on client side before uploading to server.

So now the process is:

  • chatter chooses an image
  • this image is resized
  • this resized image is uploaded to server
  • the resized image is sent back to chat

As you can see, the process is much quicker. Besides it allows to upload big size photos since they will be resized before.

Now the caveat of this method is that the final image has JPEG format only. So you upload an animated GIF, you will get a static JPEG picture

2 thoughts to “Fast image uploading”

  1. Hello, we would like to have our own gif/smilie list. So something where the admin uploads the pictures and everyone can see them in a list and add them to the chat with one click. Some web radios are interested in this super chat – but we’re missing it somehow the possibility to get our radio pictures in the chat. When uploading, unfortunately gifs are no longer possible.

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