Drupal8/9 and html5-chat

Here is a quick guide on how to install html5-chat with Drupal8/9

Create a gender user field in configuration / Account Settings

Add a new field

called gender

Add values like: male, female, couple

Download and install the plugin for Drupal8/9

install plugin for drupal

Go to structure – > block layout

structure / block layout

Go to content, click on Place bloc, search for htmlchat and click place block in the modal window


fill the data:

  • webmasterid
  • token
  • password
  • height

You will find ALL these data from your chatadmin panel

Go to the Pages vertical tab and enter /chat

that means that the page named “chat” will contain your html5-chat

Go to content-> add content

Add new content

and choose “Basic page”

Enter a title for the basic page and enter /chat in URL ALIAS

And that’s ALL. Save all (clear cache from Configuration->performance) and go to yoursite.com/chat and your html5-chat chat will appear there !

All done ! congratuilations !

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