New Feature: call 1to1 between 2 users

call1to1A new exciting feature is now available: call1to1 between 2 users.

You must enable that feature in you chat admin, in roles menu.

Then an user can request a 1to1 exclusive call by clicking another user’s icon or user item.

If accepted, you will have access to exclusive 1to1 video call, skype like.

When user is in 1to1call, he cannot receive other 1to1 call: his status is set to busy, until he call finishes.

To accept a call, both parties must have their webcam on.

The call1to1 is available in user’s menu




Html5 chat: better mobile support

For a long time, HTML5 “mobile compatible” was just a marketing directive because we did not focus enough on the mobile version and we just made mobile and responsive tests without really focusing on real user experience. That was a mistake.

It was of course compatible with mobile, but interface was not really user friendly. We believe now that mobile is future of Internet and we decided to improve the user experience with mobile devices:

  • better layout
  • keyboard auto hides after sending message
  • H264 for ios and android so both iphones and Androids are able to send streams and watch streams
  • speed optimisation
  • Many CSS fixing for readability (change size, paddings, margins)
  • Synch uploading of photos to avoid bugs on Iphone while uploading

And much more…