Black screen webcam issue ?

How to check the black cams connectivity ?

Many of html5-chat users do complain about “black” webcams.

Problem is that this issue can have multiple causes:

  • server streaming problem
  • streamer do not stream his webcam or stream an no existing webcam
  • streamer uses a no webrtc browser (ex: a Samsung browser)
  • streamer does not have enough bandwidth to stream his webcam
  • player does not have enough bandwidth to watch the stream
  • player uses a no webrtc browser
  • network router or firewall problem that do not allow the stream to be broadcasted or played

There is a simple way to determine what’s wrong: start your own webcam then double click on it, you should see your OWN webcam playing.

If you see your own webcam, then everything is fine. If you cannot see it, then obviously there is a problem and you can open a support ticket.