New feature: ROLES

HTML5 chat and roles

We recently added roles features so users can define with precision what features and options will be available to each user.

This features gives more flexibility to user rights. For now he have 5 roles:


This should be used as visitor only with no rights at all. Just to discover the chat


Normal user with limited rights


Same as user: should be able to lunch some youtube videos or do a broadcast to other users


Should have all rights, except permanant ban rights


Have All possible rights

custom1, custom2, custom3

These are custom roles that you can use as you want


Each role has his own chat rights and features

You are of course free to assign right to each role and assign a role to an user:

Role Role
Can kick
Can ban
Is user visible ?
Can Broadcast
Can Stream
Can watch
Can Send Text
Can send private text
Can post youtube
Can open any webcam
Can whisper
Can quick message
Can ask for private chat

3 thoughts to “New feature: ROLES”

  1. bonjour , pourrait t’on mètre également au niveau rôle 2 autres propositions “Super-Admin” “Technicien” merci d’avance

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