wheel Of Fortune

Spinning wheel for the chat

We have added a new feature: a spinning wheel (wheel of fortune) feature into the chat.

What Is the spinning wheel ?

The spinning wheel allows to spin a fortune wheel on all chatters in a room. The wheel is of course synchronized for all users : they see the same wheel spinning at the same tile

The spinning wheel : what for ?

It is a simple amusement widget that allows to spice up the chat. It can be used for challenges or contests.

Who can launch the spinning wheel ?

Only users whose role have the “canLaunchWheel” set can launch the spinning wheel. It is localized next to chat input text (bottom left)

Here you can launch the wheel

What does it look like on the chat ?

You can define texts, sizes and colors in your chatadmin panel (in wheel of fortune section)

wheel of fortune in the chatadmin section

Once launched, the wheel looks like:

wheel of fortune into the game

2 thoughts to “Spinning wheel for the chat”

  1. now the “start” button is working.
    but wheel doesnt get updated in real time.
    if we add something to the wheel – all users must refresh the chat to see the changes.

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