Wix and html5 chat

wixHow to integrate html5-chat into Wix ?

Wix a a very popular CMS hosted system used by millions of websites.
It is very easy to manage for people who do not have any computer knowledge.

Problem is, you cannot integrate html5-chat into wix: The reason for that limitation is that Wix does not allow neither to insert html code nor Js into his pages, or more precisely, it creates a sandbox iframe to embed the html or JS.

Problem of that iframe, is that this iframes does not have rights to access webcam : now days moderne browsers needs special permissions on iframe to access features as webcam, micro or geolocation.

The only way to have its own html5 chat on wix platform is to create an external link (target=”_blank”) that points to our chat:

<a href ="https://html5-chat.com/chat/yourWebmasterid" target="_blank">My own chat</a>

We hope Wix will change that soon. Meanwhile, we advise to use… wordpress which is for sure the best CMS ever.

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