wall layout

The “Wall” layout

We have added a new layout called “wall“.

This layout allows to add camera in the top of the chat with a wrapping feature: when there is no more space for a cam, the new cam goes to the bottom, creating a “wall”.

This layout allows to watch many cams simultaneously without having to scroll or split views.

The WALL layout.

To change the layout of the chat, simply go to your chatadmin panel and choose the layout panel.

The wall layer can be useful for conferences when you need to watch at all participants at the same time.

9 thoughts to “The “Wall” layout”

  1. thanks for the effort.
    the problems with the webcams container being on top of the chat is that it makes the chat text box smaller.
    people using laptops and small screens manage to se just a few lines of text because of that.
    think about putting the webcams on the left beside the main text box. this will make the chat text box full size to the top and the cameras will be on the left vertically.

  2. super mise à jour sympa, je veux vous donner une idée encore meilleure, ajoutez toutes les dispositions dans la configuration des chambres.
    lors de la création d’une nouvelle pièce, il est possible de décider de la disposition à mettre dans la pièce, ce serait une excellente option. afin d’avoir des pièces avec des dispositions différentes. Pensez que c’est important.

  3. New suggestion is to reduce the text box, enlarge the chat box. the space of the text box is useless to be large. put the layout in the room configuration, to have the possibility of having rooms with different layouts. this is important.

  4. and a better suggestion is to let us be able to choose which layout will be displayed on mobile devices.
    not all layouts looks good both on mobile and desktop.

    1. the best suggestion is to put different layouts for each room, to divide the room where the mobile device works and the room where the desktop works, but the best thing to do is a basic Apps for videochat. you have to create mobile apps, it will be a success.

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