php fox plugin a new version

PHP fox 4.5 and 4.6 : a new version of the plugin

A newer and more flexible version of phpfox plugin for html5 chat is available:

Here is the installation guide:

  1. Download phpfox-product-vchat and unzip it on your computer
  2. Upload all the files and folder to phpfox root folder.
  3. After file move, Go to phpfox adminpanel :
  4. In the above page, you can see “vchat” module, click install.
  5. go to your app : the module_vchat should be there (activate it if needed, but should ba active by default)
  6. Click on module_vchat and then click on settings: insert the webmasterid (your script id) and your password parameters (you received them in your email or you can find it when you login to your chatadmin panel)
  7. Your chat is now available at the url :

How to integrate html5 chat into phpfox

How to integrate html5 chat into phpfox ?

step 1: download the phpfox module here

step 2 : open file


and edit these lines 16-17

$webmasterid = xxxx; // ENTER your script id (webmasterid) here
$password = 'my secret password'; // ENTER your HTML5 password here

and fill with your own data

step3: open your website

You will be loggedon with your username, gender, avatar and role