How to host your chat on YOUR server ?

We have 2 formulas to allow you to host your chat on YOUR servers

Purchase the code source and we install it to your server.

This formula is expensive but you are totally independent. You can re-install it if needed, modify the source code. This is adequate for high trafic chat websites.

We now have a new intermediate formula

The chat remains on our server but you host media streams and sockets.
We can install the media server part (streaming) and the sockets (chat text) on your server.

What are the advantages of hosting that on your server ?

  • You have 100% bandwidth of your server
  • You have 100% CPU power of your server
  • you have 100% CPU control of your server
  • You are independent

Ready to go ?

  • You still got updates automatically since the chat is hosted on our servers except the webcam and the sockets !
  • You still have to pay subscription since the chat script part is still hosted on our servers
  • Generally it takes 24-48 hours so we set it up on your server
  • You need a dedicated server with ROOT access
  • We recommend 4 Giga RAM, 4 cores and root access. It must be LINUX. We recommend DEBIAN 9 distribution (but centos/ubuntu… are ok)
  • We need a ROOT access to your server
  • Of course you can still use your server for other tasks like hosting your sites
  • Price is 199€. It is JUST ONE time price. No recurrent payment