How to translate html5 chat into your langage ?

You want to get html5 chat translated into your own langage ?

This is very simple:

Download the langage JSON resource from :

You can also chose the french, spanish, german as start


Edit this file with your favorite editor and change the values (not the keys) ex:

"chooseAnUsername":"Choose an username",

Change the second part “Choose an username” to your own langage and simply send us your new JSON file: we will upload it to our server






how to upload images ?

You can now upload images in html5-chat


New features now allows you to UPLOAD your own images.

Max size of image is set to 50 Kbytes to avoid abuses.


As usual, fo to your panel admin and choose the config tab.


Check the Allow users to upload images into the chat checkbox.

Enter your chat: you will now be able to upload your OWN images into the chat !




new Feature: GIF search emoticons

Gif animated searchable emoticons for your  chat

gif search
gif search

New exciting feature: search and add GIFs from GIFY services: Millions of ready to go animated gifs are waiting for you: so make your chat even funnier than before.
Just type in the keyword and you will get millions of ready to use GIFs.
You will be able to add as many emoticons you want into your chat.