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Message for no registered users

Possible scenario : your website runs a dating site where you can free users (role = guest) and paid users (role = user).

Of course free guest users cannot access all features that a paid user has.

Ex: a guest user cannot request a private chat.

We have 2 ways to solve that:

  1. this feature is hidden to the guest user.
  2. This feature is visible to the guest user, but when he tries to access it, he has a message box that explicitly tells him: “you cannot access that feature”.

The pro of this second solution, is to incite the user to become a paid user on your site.

How to enable this second solution : go to your /chatadmin panel as usually and choose the “trial version chat messages”

If you specify the Url to be rediercted, the user will be redirected to that url, after he shows the message: this url will be probably the “purchase” or “register” page on your website.

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