Registered and guest users together !

We have added a new mixed mode to enter the chat.
For now you could Both mode

  • guest : any one can connect to chat and only have to provide the username and the gender
  • user : before an user connects, user must register and provide his data such gender, email, password

We have now a new mode, a mixed mode, that allows to enter as user (providing registered username and password), but also as guest.

mixed mode
mixed mode

How to activate the mixed mode ?

go your chatadmin, chat config, then choose one of the 3 selections in “Enter chat mode” input select.

Note: This of course is useless if you use the jwt authentification, since in JWT, you can explicitly assign an username, gender and role.

One thought to “Registered and guest users together !”

  1. Hi, we connected chat to our own database. Can we still make it that Guest’s can enter a name and enter as role: guest? How? Thanks in advance!

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