Filtering by age

We have added a new filter called “filter by age”. You can enable it from your /chatadmin -> config (“Filter by age”)

filter by age feature

Of course, you need to enable “display ages” so you can use that feature. Age sorting is ascendant only.


Chat and Anti DDOS solution

Some of chats may have that message:

Error 1020

 Ray ID: 6a0f8eb32b2eb65f • 2021-10-20 04:38:34 UTC

Access denied

This is an anti ddos message : it means that the chat account was disabled for 2 hours because it was generating too much unnatural trafic. Mostly of time it creates >30,000 entries / minute.

Our filters have isolated it and maintains it offline during the attack. After 2 hours, chat should be back online again.

Solutions for anti ddos attacks

There is no easy solution to counter an anti ddos attack. We suggest you use anti ddos attack on your site placing it behind a proxy that allows to filter many bad ips. The most popular solution is cloudflare.

You can also use some server modules such as modEvasive for apache. Nginx has its own module integrated.

Also the most radical solution would be to host the chat on your own server, which means you need the source code version.

ban user

New Ban features

We added 2 new ban features

  1. In roles, we added notAffectedByRudeWords which means that a role (moderator or admin for instance) can use rude words without being censured (or kicked out/banned).
    You can define different actions per rude word like : nothing / hide the rude word / kick out the user / ban the user

  2. When user has been kicked out or banned because of a rude word, we store now this bad word.
    You can get the history and the bad word used in your chatadmin / banned section under field called “sentence”


Sending customized emails

Many people asked for the possibility of sending customized emails. The emails are sent when the chat uses the user registration and more precisely:

  • when a new user registers to the chat (register)
  • when an users forgets his password and requests the password (forgotten)

In these 2 cases, you can customize email sending.

If you use JWT or if you use guests only, this feature has no effect at all.Important: You email template can include dynamic fields:

  • {{email}} : the email of the user
  • {{username}} : the username of the user
  • {{password}} : the password of the user
  • {{confirmation}} : this is the Confirmation link : YOU MUST USE THAT in “register” email, so users can click the confirmation link to enter the chat

Ex: Hello {{username}}. Your password is {{password}}

Notice: If you want to include images, all images needs to be remote and starting with https://.
Warning. You cannot use classical HTML for email. You can read more info about html and email.

Who sends the email ?

Our SMTP server sends emails, so our sender is visible ([email protected]), if you want to change the sender (from) email, we need to add your domain name in our white list, and you need to confirm that with a new DNS entry. Since it is a manual process, there is one time fee for it of 20 euros (please contact us if you need that feature)


Better Banning

We enhanced the banning system: when using user registration, we ban per IP as before. But we also added banning per username, so banned user cannot reconnect with the same username once banned.

He needs to create a new user and change his username to be able to be back.

Webrtc IP leaking

There is a leak in webrtc that allows (under circumstances) to get the real IP of an user, even if he’s behind a VPN

We used that technique for banning to get the real IP from an user even if he’s using a VPN. This technique may stop working soon since major browsers may correct the IP leaking from webrtc very soon.

Silent mute

We have added a new tool for muting people called “silent mute“. It is an option you can find in your chatadmin / security panel. It adds an extra feature to the classical “Jail user” : the jailed user will not know that he was jailed and his messages will be seen to him as sent.

However he will be the only one user to receive them. The purpose of “silent mute” tool is to fake the jailed user so he thinks everything works fine : when an user is banned or jailed, mostly of time he tries to find a way to un-ban himself (use a VPN, take a new IP, create a new account)


Add an info message per role

We have added a new feature: messageWhenEntersChat per role

The goal of that feature is to add some welcome messages such as : “You are using the chat as guest. Please register to get more features“. This message can be a HTML message. This message is to inform user about his role restrictions or rights.


Paste image into chat

We have added a new feature: you can now paste images (shortcut : CTRL+V) directly into the chat (from the chat input)

This is the same action as choosing an image and uploading it.
You can find that new features in your chatadmin / roles. By default it is enabled for admin, moderator and dj roles.

If you want to disabled that for a role, set timeBeforePasteImageAgain to 0 or set that to number (in milliseconds)

ex: 5000 = users can paste image again after 5 seconds (5000ms = 5s)

Text effects

We have added new text effects per role:

You can now enable or disable per role text effects : go to roles and check “Can use extra CSS for fonts

Once checked, on your chat you will have a new icon in the text bar

When you click that Text effects button, you will get a new modal window:

text effects

When you can choose Neon, Gradient and also change the font name.

Notice that you can still combine that with Bold, Italic or Underlined effects and also with the color picker

Now, you can send some special text effects such as: