How to auto login with an avatar ?

How to autologin into HTML5-chat with an user avatar ?

ex: we want to login as John, whose sex is male an whose avatar is external url:

(let assume our script id is 1544 and token is 5a0440c6c992c)

<script src=’‘></script>
This aHR0cHM6Ly9odG1sNS1jaGF0LmNvbS9pbWcvbWFsZWNvc3R1bWUuc3Zn represents the base64 url to our avatar:
in php we can use: base64_encode
<php $avatar = base64_encode(‘’); ?>

Display info about user in the chat: how to do that ?

We recently added new feature: display info about user inside the chat.

Go to your admin panel and choose chat config->users management.

Then enter the script you want to be executed when right click on user inside the text input “Add context menu ‘userInfo'”

ex: enter there

bootbox.alert(‘Custom javascript about <b>{username}</b><br>You can redirect to your own script or url with parameter: username’);

when user right click on an user, it will show the context menu “user Info”. If user clicks on that item, the javascript bootbox.alert(..) will be executed.


Notice that you have a dynamic field called {username} where you get the username. This is useful to make an ajax call and retrieve data about the user or open an url such as userInfo.php?username=username

Quiz plugin for HTML5 chat.

Now you can easily add a quiz game directly to your html5.

Fo your your admin panel 


Then assign a quiz to a room and set the start date and end date.



Finally add questions.

You can also add visual questions: for that use the FlickR plugin we created:

and type in a keyword (ex: Einstein)

Then choose the adequate image to your quiz


Once the quiz created, it will start automatically on the defined date and stop at the defined date. A random question will be chosen between those created. First user to correctly answer to the question will win.