Quiz plugin for HTML5 chat.

Now you can easily add a quiz game directly to your html5.

Fo your your admin panel 


Then assign a quiz to a room and set the start date and end date.



Finally add questions.

You can also add visual questions: for that use the FlickR plugin we created:

and type in a keyword (ex: Einstein)

Then choose the adequate image to your quiz


Once the quiz created, it will start automatically on the defined date and stop at the defined date. A random question will be chosen between those created. First user to correctly answer to the question will win.



One thought to “Quiz plugin for HTML5 chat.”

  1. What time zone is the Date and Time set to? If I set the Date and Time for the quiz to begin will it start at the time I have set in my local time zone or is it set to “Z” (GMT) time zone?

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