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Dynamic rooms management (updated)

We have added 3 new rules for dynamic rooms. Dynamic rooms are real time created rooms by users (you can enable them in your chatadmin roles panel: can create room)

In your chatadmin config/Chat, you can find now a new select box “When a dynamic room is deleted ?” that has 3 possibles states

  1. creatorLeavesRoom
    The dynamic room is deleted as soon as its creator leaves the room (even if there are people in that room).
  2. noMorePeopleInRoom
    This room is deleted when there is no more people in the dynamic room
  3. creatorLeavesRoomAndNomMorePeopleInRoom
    This room is deleted when creator leaves the room AND there is no more people in this room.
  4. creatorLeavesChatAndNoMorePeopleInRoom
    This room is deleted when creator leaves the chat AND there is no more people in this room.

Notice that a dynamic room can be deleted directly in the chat.
You can define who can delete dynamic room from chatadmin roles:

canDeleteRoom : this role can delete ANY dynamic role (should be reserved to admins or moderators)

candeleteHisRoom : this room can delete only his own room


How to directly enter a room ?

(UPDATED – fixed bug)
New feature: It is now possible to join a particular room directly at login

2 cases

Let suppose you want to join room id : 1620
(you can find out your room id in your chatadmin)


  1. if you don’t use JWT authentification, just pass the url parameter startRoom
  2. You do use JWT to login, then just inject the parameter: startRoom: id
Where to find the room id ?


so for room : 1620, you just need to add


So for instance your JSON will be:


$json = json_encode(array('username'=>'myUsername', 'password'=>'myChatAccountPassword', 'gender'=>'male', 'role'=>'user', 
'image'=>base64_encode(''), 'profile'=>'', 'startRoom'=>1620));
create rooms

dynamic room creation

New feature : dynamic room creation


You will find that features in roles tab. You can indicate per role, how many dynamic rooms an user can create (if non, leave 0)

You can now define if a particular role can create dynamic rooms in real time.

These rooms are temporary rooms : they are created meanwhile the creator of the room (the owner of the room) is on the chat.

If the creator of the room leaves the chat, the room is deleted in real time and all users are kicked from the chat.

A temporary room can be password protected. The owner of the room, can invite other members to join his room (direct access without having to provide the password)

The admin role can however get the rights to access any room, even password protected : there are full of new ideas with these exciting new feature. You must define in roles, what user has rights to create these dynamic rooms.

dynamic room