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html5 chat and webradio (updated)

Set a global radio for your chat

You can set a global webradio player for whole site. Just go to your chatadmin / config and specify a valid https resource for your radio

or set a radio per room !

You can now specify a webradio per room. Just go your chatadmin/room and specify (or leave blank) a web radio url for each room

Audio restrictions

How to customize the radio look&feel ?

In fact the webradio is just a html <audio> element.
So it is quite limited to make some customizations. However we will add some better player soon like: https://www.mediaelementjs.com/

Where to find Radio streams ?

Google is your friend: You can easily find thousands of free radios
ex: http://dir.xiph.org/

But.. make sure they are playable inside the html5 <audio>element (mostly of time they should be .mp3 files)

How to start webcams muted ?

This is also a frequent question. You can now start webcam muted in a room. (go to your chatadmin ->rooms)

But you can also assign muted webcam per role.
(go to chatadmin->roles->advanced)

Ex: admin And DJ roles will have webcam no muted, whereas roles like guest and user will have their webcam muted

2 thoughts to “html5 chat and webradio (updated)”

  1. Ive noticed Edge and Chrome will not play some streaming stations in the HTML5 Chat.
    But if you the click the link directly it will play in those browsers
    Firefox has 0 issues but alot of people will not change browsers.

    Iheart radio does not have this issue
    but there are quite a few radio streams that have the issue like the ones below.
    http://live.bluesradio.gr:8352/stream < Great Blues station from Greece

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