Vp8 and H264 codec which one should I use ?

Html5 chat supports now H264 and vp8 codecs

For now, we only used H264 to support Safari.

Unfortunately H264 is very old codec  and has some big drawbacks:

  • bigger bandwidth consumption
  • lower quality
  • lower reliability

Vp8 has all qualities except.. it is not supported on Safari.

You can choose the codec selection form the config/webcam chatadmin panel

What about Microsoft Edge ?

Forget Edge compatibility for now, since Edge will be based on Chromium from early 2019 and thus will have vp8

Notice that we will add new vp9 soon that will increase quality of video. Of course Vp9 is not supported by safari.

Notice that soon, all majors browsers should adopt AV1, that will end the war between all these codecs.

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