Joomla update

The html5 Joomla plugin was updated.

It now works with jomsocial and allows to retrieve avatar and gender

It corrects bugs and adds the correct role mapping:

It handles now the default Joomla roles

  • Administrator
  • Author
  • Editor
  • Guest
  • Manager
  • Public
  • Publisher
  • Registered
  • Super Users

You can download it from:

Installation process

  1. In Joomla top menu: Extensions->Manage->Install
  2.  Choose the tab “install from URL” and set the value to
  3. Go to menu Extensions->plugin and find html5chat (or search for html5chat)
  4. Enable plugin that  html5chat plugin (status check)
  5. click on html5chat plugin. You should then enter the webmasterid and Password
    enableJoomlaYou can get these data when you register the plugin at :
  6. Create an article/page that will contain the chat. Inside that page, insert
    [html5chat width=”100%” height=”800px”]

You will now have the html5 chat inside that page article.

Step by step Joomla Installation

HTML5 chat and JOOMLA: new html5chat joomla plugin

! WARNING ! A new update of Joomla plugin can be found here !

You can now easily integrate html5 chat into your joomla

The joomla plugin can be downloaded from this link

Here is how to make it run in 2 minutes:

HTML5 allows you to easily add a webcam video chat into your JOOMLA page.

###How to use it:
1) register free on

2) install the plugin and setup the password and webmasterid parameters you got when registered.

3) add a new article and insert a shortcode like

          [html5chat width="100%" height="800px"]

You will get your chat with 100%, 800px dimensions with authenticated user (username, role)